About Artistic Jewelry Design

Boris Kolodny aka Boris K

Artistic Jewelry Design is owned and operated by Boris Kolodny, BA, MA, FCGMA, Gemologist, Fellow of the Canadian Gemological Association, member of the North York Faceting Guild and member of the US Board of Trade. Boris has been involved in jewelry design and manufacture for over 40 years and has intimate knowledge of gems and gem materials acquired over many years of hands- on experience. Boris apprenticed with such prestigious jewelry designers as Nicky Senater and Bill Helwig.


All stages of jewelry and gem design, manufacture, gem cutting and stone setting are done on our premises. Model making in wax, gold or silver is an integral part of the manufacturing process and is done in house. The work is done in accordance with the highest European standards.

As an accomplished gem cutter and designer, to date Boris has published 8 unique gem cut designs. His gem cut, CLOSE TO PERFECTION was chosen as one of 12 best in the world in 1993.

Artistic Jewelry Design was established in 1983 and continues to serve the needs of those who appreciate the unusual and extraordinary. Most of the work done is custom ordered. Other services offered by Artistic Jewelry Design are: jewelry and gem appraisals, gem cutting and repair, jewelry design, antique jewelry sales and purchase, gem carving and sculpture, tools of the trade and workshops.

Close To Perfection - One of the World's Best Gem Cuts by Boris K
Close to Perfection
Silver and Mokume Jewelry Design by Boris K
Original Design in Silver
and Mokume by Boris

On this web site we hope to share with you a variety of artistic expressions. Some are created and executed by Artistic Jewelry Design and others by selected artists that we feel meet our high standard. If you are a creative artist and are seeking a forum to showcase and sell your work we would be happy to assist. Gallery

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